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At Starbucks we source the finest and freshest ingredients and use them to bring you delicious foods that compliment our range of coffee. We pride ourselves on quality and always strive to source our ingredients locally.

In our stores, you will find enticing, exciting and tasty offerings to enjoy as you snuggle up with your cup of coffee. From pure indulgence to healthy indulgence, for breakfast, lunch, snacks & treats, come into your local Starbucks and enjoy the experience. See below for a selection from our menu.

Fresh Pastries.

Famous Starbucks muffins are light and tasty, you can enjoy a choice of bilberry, chocolate and lemon-poppy muffins. Have our light muffin for breakfast and you are guaranteed to be in a perfect mood and shape all day.

Chocolate Muffin is very light, it is impossible to resist this chocolate temptation.


Fresh Pastries.

Fresh pastries will make a delicious breakfast and a perfect compliment to coffee, you can easily take them away and enjoy on your way.



Treat yourself to our cakes together with Starbucks coffee. Our cakes are a real delight. Every one will be impressed.



Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake is a tender cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberries.


“Four Chocolate” Cheesecake is a cheesecake made of cream cheese with milk and dark chocolate, chocolate crisps and chocolate mousse.





Treat yourself to famous Starbucks biscuits which perfectly compliment our coffee beverages. You can choose between:


Chocolate biscuits are chocolate biscuits with bits of white chocolate.


Cranberry and White Chocolate Biscuits are biscuits with bits of white chocolate and cranberries.


Doughnuts are everybodys favorites:  


Strawberry chocolate doughnut

Classic doughnut


Sandwiches and salads


All our sandwiches and salads are hand-made according to Starbucks special recipes and are delivered to our stores on a daily basis.  That is why our sandwiches are always fresh and tasty. We are happy to offer you a choice of cold and hot sandwiches you can find exclusively in our stores.


Hot sandwiches – we will be happy to warm them for you.


Chicken Pesto Focaccia is a rustic focaccia bread layered with sweet basil pesto, chicken breast and mozzarella cheese which combine to make a deliciously satisfying sandwich.


Chicken Ham Mushroom Cheese Focaccia is a rustic foccacia bread with chicken breast, ham, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.


Ham and Cheese Ciabatta is an Italian ciabatta bread layered with tomatoes, ham and Emmental Cheese.




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